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Audio Reactive Visuals

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Our Team

Michael Scaramuzzino
Michael Scaramuzzino
Lead CG Artist / Programmer
Zakiyah Gathers
Zakiyah Gathers
Art Director, Video Editor, and Animator
James Scaramuzzino
James Scaramuzzino
Lead Sound Designer / Composer
Inspire Magic
  • Art

    We use the power of art to teach and inspire. We create visualizations that explore the our reality from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

  • Education

    We work from both inside and outside of the education system to inspire the next generation to push the boundaries of what they believe is possible.

  • Science

    We use science to explore our physical world because only by understanding these laws can we start to bend and break them.

  • Technology

    We use technology to push the boundaries of what is possible and demonstrate that yesterday’s science fiction is today’s innovation.

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